The dated pouch machinery introducing day after day lot of problems into production QUALITY, due to the instability of obsolete electronic devices and wear mechanical parts. To fix these issues is need a machine RETROFIT, Complete or Partial in according with Customer requirements.

Flex4 would be glad to suggest you the best RETROFIT solutions for your equipments and propose you the best Technologies in the Automation scenario

Common outdated machinery problems

  • Spare Parts Availability
  • Mechanical and electrical limitations
  • Production Changing
  • Increase machine speed
  • Process control

Flex4 RETROFIT Benefits

  • Renew the Electronic devices onboard of the machine
  • Improve the production quality controls
  • Improve the production philosophy and process
  • Introduce new stations to improve the final product quality
  • Improve the production SPEED
  • Reduce the machine STOP due to obsolete technology issues

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