The Medical Pouches market has been growing during last years and demands more and more informations about the production traceability.
For this reason is very important store the production data, to know the quality of production and to monitor the machineries to avoid unexpected situations.

Flex4 would be glad to help you to make this goal with the installation of our SCADA System F4FwkTc2

Our framework can be apply to Beckhoff PLC base system, OPC Server or OPC Compatible base system, and can be a Stand Alone solution with basic I/O communication.

Scada Benefits

  • Smart and real time data collection: data when you need it, anytime
  • Plant floor activity monitoring in real time, from anywhere within the facility
  • Real time production metrics that enable quick response: operators are able to rapidly react to issues that otherwise would reduce plant’s productivity
  • Connect your production plant to any PLC through OPC
  • Connect any database with standard data access library
  • Custom report generation for production runs, production lines, work orders, users and more



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