A pouch with a perfect shape will be much more appreciate from the final Customers and allow them to satisfy all the QUALITY market’s requirements. A perfect transversal cut became necessary on your equipments.

Flex4 is capable to help you to make this goal with the installation of our Flying Knife Station FKF4, which can be adapted for every kind of pouch machine

Flying Knife FKF4 Main Characteristics

  • Light and Ergonomic mechanical structure
  • Motion with Servodrive and Servomotor
  • Capability to be fit onboard of any pouch machinery up to 1200 mm
  • Possibility to incorporate in the FKF4 station the existing machine’s front draw rolls
  • Clamp high grip guarantee by a special surface coating
  • Dedicated Electrical Cabinet for stand-alone system
  • The FKF4 parameters can be simply manage by Smart Panel

Flying Knife FKF4 Benefits

  • The transversal cutting quality will be significantly improved
  • The transversal cutting station cycling time will be significantly reduced respect any traditional guillotine conceptl
  • The SPEED of the production will be improve
  • The maintenance impact costs will be definitely reduced thanks to the use of parts not subject to wear

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