A good quality Pouches depends absolutely from the seals quality. In order to manage well this part of the converting process is very important be sure that the heaters cartridge are correctly controlled. Especially in the old machines, this kind of service is obsolete and cannot guarantee a correct process control.

 Flex4 would be glad to help you to make this goal with the installation of our Temperatures Controller TeCF4


TeCF4 Main Characteristics

  • Light and Ergonomic electrical impact
  • Possibility to customize the system configuration for the machine
  • Possibility to install the system into machine’s electrical cabinet
  • Possibility to install the system in a dedicate electrical cabinet (Stand-Alone Solution)
  • Possibility to install Gefran devices which use the original SSR onboard
  • Possibility to install Gefran devices with integrate SSR
  • Possibility to install Beckhoff Embedded PLC and Panel for a Stand-Alone solution

TeCF4 Benefits

  • The electrical modification installation is very quickly
  • The temperatures will be managed with a very small hysteresis control
  • The SPEED of the production could be improve due to less temperatures errors
  • The maintenance impact costs will be definitely reduced and the fails easily localized thanks to the quick errors feedback from the controller

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