The Medical Pouches market has been growing during last years and to be competitive and have a great proposal is very important the QUALITY of the products.

 Flex4 would be glad to help you to make this goal with the installation of our Vision System Unit VSF4

The high performance technology involved in this unit is supply by DataLogic and it is possible choose between two configurations, STANDARD Resolution and HIGH Resolution.

STANDARD Resolution

Resolution 0.125 mm/pixel - minimum detectable defect 0.35 mm²

HIGH Resolution

HIGHResolution 0.0625 mm/pixel - minimum detectable defect 0.10 mm²


Vision System VSF4 Main Characteristics

  • The Unit can detect Dark Spots, Splice and other film defects
  • The Unit can works at maximum linear speed up to 65 m/min
  • The detected defects will be report as errors to the machine, which generate an alarm or warning messages
  • The digital informations of each scanned pouch can be saved and stored in the Vision Processor device
  • The Unit can be mechanically adapt to all kind of frame
  • The communication protocol between VSF4 and other machinery can be choose and adapt following the Customer specifications

Vision System VSF4 Benefits

  • Produced Pouches are 100% film defects free
  • The system allow to control very small particles of film, impossible to be detect at sight
  • The QUALITY of the production will be significantly improve
  • The Customer has more flexibility to launch his products in the world market
Vision SystemVision System

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